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Why Moms Love Rewarded Surveys

There are 4.3 births worldwide every second, that’s 258 women every minute that becomes a mother. (Or at least a mother again) And I will make a wild guess that if you are not a mother yourself, then you know one. Therefore, you’re probably aware that a mother's time...

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Ad Pricing Models Explained

TGIF, LOL, ASAP... acronyms we’re all probably fairly familiar with. However, as a publisher going into the world of online digital advertising, it's easy to get confused between the CPC’s and CPA’s. In the beginning it was all very basic and simply worked through a...

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What is Monetization? With examples and tips.

Monetization is a term coined to describe the process of converting an asset into a source of revenue. If you are unfamiliar with the term, think about your favourite game, blog, or website... the video you had to watch to unlock the article you wanted to read, or...

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4 ways to monetize your mobile game

The mobile gaming industry is currently thriving with smartphone users growing year on year. The potential profitability has never been higher and it is clear to see why. Apple’s app store alone sees the mobile gaming industry making up 21.14% of apps available on...

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3 Questions to answer before you monetize your blog

When is the best time to take advantage of monetization? It’s impossible to answer the question in relation to time. However, there may be no better lesson to take to heart here than the old adage of “don't run before you can walk”. When considering whether the time...

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