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SaySo For Good – Publishers “SaySo Pubs” is a Research For Good brand. Our corporate mission is to end childhood deaths from hunger and malnutrition globally by making incremental donations for every survey completed by SaySo respondents.

SaySo Pubs helps us meet this goal by recruiting and engaging your users to participate in our surveys. Participants answer questions about their preferences, passions, likes and dislikes in anonymous online surveys generally taking no more than 10-20 minutes. These people are then rewarded for their time (by you, with the incentive relevant to your users, thus closing the engagement loop), and Research For Good makes a donation to our nonprofit partner Action Against Hunger.

You monetize your users, participants are engaged and rewarded, and the world is made a little bit better with each transaction.

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Monetize Your Users

We have new survey opportunities every day. Users can continually come back to us, multiple times per day with the chance to complete an infinite number of surveys.

Engage Users with Instant Rewards

When a survey is completed you are instantly notified so a reward can be credited. More rewards = more engaged users who can continue participating on your sites.


International Opportunities

Reward, engage and increase your revenue with our international opportunities!


Do Good

For every survey a user completes via SaySo Pubs, we make a donation to end childhood deaths from hunger and malnutrition globally.


Monetize with our surveys!

We specialize in online surveys as the perfect monetization opportunity for websites, games, apps and more who have an existing incentive model built in.

Why are surveys an awesome monetization tool?

Understanding consumer and public views on a product or service is invaluable to a company. Year after year executives are dedicating significant budgets to better understanding their customers. 

With a high payout potential, you can keep your users engaged while also allowing them multiple chances to voice their opinions on topics that are related to them!

Quick and easy integration has allowed us to give millions of users access to multiple surveys every day in exchange for virtual rewards through their favorite websites and apps. We exclusively operate with our partners on CPA basis. With a range of surveys available for completion every day, you can maximize your revenue repeatedly, getting paid every time a user completes a survey.

As a SaySoPubs partner, you won’t only increase your revenue but you will also boost your ethical awareness in the process. Upon completion of every survey our parent company Research For Good will donate a meal to our nonprofit partner Action Against Hunger. You can make money and do good in the world –  How good is that? 

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Running the SaySo Pubs campaigns on our network has been a wonderful success. Knowing that the leads that are generated help feed thousands of hungry children is just wonderful and amazing.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful folks in your company


Red Fire Network

We’ve had the pleasure to partner and grow with SaySo Pubs in the past 2 years. Our goals have been aligned since day 1 – giving back to our respective communities. By partnering, we’ve further strengthened our core values and ability to give back. We are proud to partner with SaySo to do GOOD!


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SaySo Pubs offers an ever growing inventory of over

monthly available conversions.

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Users SaySo For Good

I just took one of your surveys for a reward on Gaiaonline for some GaiaCash and I just wanted to say that I think what you’re doing for the hungry is a great idea! I hope to do more surveys for you in the future and I hope you guys feed everyone possible! Keep up the good work!

Heather S.

This makes me feel great! I needed extra income and that is why I looked into doing surveys online, but to be able to help with a charity makes me want to keep trying some more.

Alex P.

I love taking surveys to earn rewards and help a child in the process. Keep it up SaySo!


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